More and more people these days are gravitating towards pets. In fact, pet adoption has increased during COVID, which is great news for rescues looking for a new and loving home.

Bringing a dog into your home is not a light decision. Do you have enough space? Do you have time? Can you fit the extra expenses into your budget? If you find the answer is yes to all of those questions, it’s time to make your home ready and welcoming for your new four-legged friend. Even if you’ve had a pet for years, you can revisit how to make home more comfortable for you and them.

  1. Protect your home: Sharp claws, shedding hair, and dirty paws can leave a lasting mark on your furniture and floors. Cover flooring with rugs and use machine washable throws on couches to minimize the wear and tear. Consider buying a leather couch, which is easier to clean than cloth. Bathing your pet often will also keep your home in better shape and minimize odours.
  2. Invest in a strong vacuum: These days, there are vacuums made especially for pet hair, with strong suction and all kinds of attachments to get into the nooks and crannies of your home.
  3. Dedicated storage: Designate a storage bin or an area of a closet to keep all your pet’s toys and accessories. When everything is in one place, you’ll never be searching for waste bags before a visit to the park. Keep this close to your entryway, and make sure you have towels on hand to clean any muddy paws or pat down a wet coat of fur.
  4. Check your plants: Many plants are toxic for animals (kids too). Do some research on the plants you already have in your home to ensure your pet won’t get sick.
  5. Look for hazards: This is especially true for puppies, who don’t know any better. Keep cords tucked away, fasten easy-to-open lower cabinets, secure your trash, and put away anything breakable that could get in the way of a running pet.

With a little effort, home can be enjoyable for those special pets for years to come.