We have big news this year. Qualico is turning 70! As a division of Qualico, StreetSide is connected to western Canada’s largest fully-integrated, privately owned real estate company. And we’re so excited to celebrate this milestone together.

For 70 years, we have worked towards Building Better Cities. We hope you can see the results in StreetSide’s homes and communities across the Lower Mainland — from Surrey to Burnaby, Maple Ridge to Coquitlam.

What exactly does Building Better Cities entail?

  1. We bring longevity and sustainability to our cities.

Not only are our homes built to last through all your life stages, we have a long-term plan to make our homes more energy-efficient. We want our homeowners to love where they live for many years to come.

  1. We encourage stronger connections between people, services, and businesses.

A strong sense of community comes down to people. As we’ve seen this year, connection is integral to our wellbeing — and our homes bring people and community together.

  1. We improve the way cities grow and interact.

By including thoughtful features, such as public, green, and retail spaces, our projects enhance not only our homeowners’ lives, but the surrounding community as well.

  1. We know our customers.

We get to know our homeowners and pay attention to their feedback. It’s all part of continuing to build great homes that fulfill our homeowners’ needs and wants.

We can’t wait to share more StreetSide and Qualico news as we work towards another 70 years of building better cities.