Roll up your sleeves! It’s time to spring clean your home. Scrub through those layers that built up during summer, autumn, and winter, and find order in your spaces again. We know this can be an intimidating task, but we’ve broken it up into smaller chores that can be spread across a few days or weekends. The effort will be worth it — we promise.

Day 1: Shoes & Clothes

Tackle your closets and bedroom drawers by sorting your wardrobe into categories: donate, keep, and store away. Work through every item and decide its fate. We’re sure you’ve heard of Marie Kondo by now. So, ask yourself: Does this item spark joy? Neatly fold and hang the pieces in your keep pile, store your winter clothes in bins, and find a local charity to donate unwanted items. You’ll feel lighter.

Day 2: Linen Closet

Repeat the above task, but with your linens.

Day 3: Dusting & Floors

Carefully go through every room of your home and dust furniture, light fixtures, and baseboards, and stretch up to whisk away any cobwebs that hang across ceiling corners. Once you’re done, sweep, vacuum, and mop your floors — don’t forget under the furniture too. While you have your vacuum out, get between the sofa cushions to hoover any lost crumbs.

Day 4: Kitchen Cabinetry

One by one, empty and clean every cabinet and drawer, wiping shelves and reorganizing food and dishware. If you have the momentum, continue on to your fridge and freezer.

Day 5: Oven & Stove

We know this one can be grueling, so we gave it a day to itself. These days, ovens have an easy self-clean function, which reduces the need to really use your muscles on grease.

Day 6: Kitchen Surfaces

Spray down and scrub your countertops, cabinet doors, and sink until they sparkle.

Day 7: Bathroom Clear-Out

Like the kitchen and your closets, empty your drawers and cabinets to sort through old toiletries and expired medicine. Remember: Any unused and unwanted medicine may be disposed of at your local pharmacy; not down your toilet or in your garbage.

Day 8: Bathroom Surfaces

Wash away any grime that has accumulated on the porcelain tiles or grout in the shower, and give your tub a thorough scrub. Move on to the sink and countertops, and finish with your toilet.

Day 9: Windows & Mirrors

You’re almost done! Get out your glass cleaner and work those arm muscles. If you have energy left over, clean any outside windows that are accessible.

Day 10: Outdoor Spaces

Time to dust off your patio furniture, sweep your balcony or patio, and pour yourself a beverage. You’ve earned it.

If you’re feeling particularly industrious, here’s a 30-day guide to completing a deeper spring clean.