When you stroll along Hastings Street in Burnaby Heights, you immediately feel the community’s character. The neighbourhood has been around for a long time, and it has managed to retain its charm — thanks to the businesses and people who call the area home.

It’s not unusual to know business owners by name, say hello to neighbours as you pass them on the street, or encounter old friends in one of the many restaurants. You truly feel like you belong, like you found home.

That’s one reason why we decided to build in Burnaby Heights again. With the completion of FORTE, we will soon be launching Valeo. Homeowners can expect a living experience that’s rich with community, nature, food, and possibility.

Part of what makes Burnaby Heights so attractive is its delicious eateries, colourful markets, and international delis. Food is a main theme here, with a lot of emphasis on Europe. Savour flaky French pastries, traditional Italian pastas, flavourful Pho, and more. People travel across Metro Vancouver to shop the delicacies on this stretch of Hastings Street.


With so many tasty things to eat, you may want to move your body. And there are plenty of places where you can enjoy the outdoors. Burnaby has an incredible concentration of parks, lakes, sport fields, playgrounds, and trails, and you will never run out of nature to explore. Climb Burnaby Mountain to the city’s highest point, where you can admire quintessential West Coast views, or wander through the peaceful pathways of Deer Lake Park. Living in Burnaby Heights means that you can quickly journey to Port Moody and North Vancouver, where rugged mountain trails, ski hills, and stunning shorelines await.


When you are in the mood for big-city attractions and culture, downtown Vancouver is only a short bus ride or drive away. It’s so close, you can see the urban lights from home.

The 62 exquisite homes of Valeo will be arriving soon. Be sure to sign up for news at liveatvaleo.ca.