Living in British Columbia, there are so many beautiful places to get away to for a couple of nights. Travel into the mountains, journey across water, or drive into another country to forget about your everyday obligations and breathe in adventure. You don’t have to go far.

Consider a weekend retreat to one of the below destinations.


It’s wild and unpredictable and one of the most stunning landscapes in all the world, at any time of year. Take a trip to Tofino for a couple of nights to recharge your blood with the healing tonic of a rainforest. If you go in fall or winter, there’s always the possibility of witnessing a magnificent storm as it tears in from the Pacific Ocean. Fresh food, local crafts, and waterfront hot tubs will make you want to stay forever. To make the most of time, hop on a seaplane instead of the ferry, and gawk at the scenic West Coast from the air.

DO: Hot Springs Cove. An hour and a half by boat or twenty minutes by seaplane, this hidden gem in Maquinna Provincial Park will warm you up in one of seven natural geothermal rock pools.

STAY: The famed Wickaninnish Inn is perched right on the rocky shoreline beside Chesterman Beach. There are also lots of charming bed & breakfasts for a more rustic experience.



Like something out of a fairy tale, a quaint German town is wedged into the mountains of Washington state. Leavenworth was originally a logging town until business slowed and the streets became sleepy. To avoid extinction in the 1960’s, the town leaders’ had a brilliant idea to transform the town into a Bavarian village. It worked. This mountain destination is magically authentic, with lederhosen, beer, and sausages in abundance. All you need is a car for the three-hour drive from the border.

DO: Horse country. When you want a break from the German festivities, head over to Icicle Outfitters & Guides for a snowy sleigh ride or western-style trail ride.

STAY: Whether you’re in the mood for a luxury lodge or a family-run bed & breakfast, there are accommodation options for every budget and taste.



As you drive up the Sea-to-Sky Highway and all the other cars turn off for Whistler, keep going for thirty more minutes. Avoid the tourists and hunker down in Pemberton for some peace and quiet. This lush valley is known for craft beer, farm-to-table, old-growth forests, and a flourishing arts scene. You’ll want to come back in every season.

DO: Winter Ice Fishing. A picturesque frozen mountain lake is the scene for an afternoon of fishing. Lure a rainbow trout through a hole in the ice. The ice hut will keep you cozy.

STAY: Find shelter in a homey cabin and watch the snow fall – make sure there’s a fireplace before you book. There are also farms, lodges, and resorts.

Images: Tofino Tourism, Groupon, Pemberton Valley Lodge