We’re sure you already know how big a role nature plays in Maple Ridge. From forest trails to tranquil shorelines, there’s a lot to love about the great outdoors here. Which is a big reason why we focused on green initiatives at our Creekside townhome project.

Set amongst old growth trees on the banks of Siegel Creek, Creekside is a natural fit for bioswales. If you’re unfamiliar with the environmental concept, a bioswale is a channel that collects rainwater from building roofs and foundation drains, creating a lush stretch of greenery.

Indigenous and drought-tolerant species are planted to accommodate for dry summers, but they’ll also flourish from rainwater in the winters. These plants help manage and filter sedimentation before draining into a pond, which then recharges the water in a tributary to Siegel Creek. Bioswales efficiently and naturally move stormwater, reducing the amount of water that ends up in on-site holding tanks and the municipal stormwater system.

There are lots of benefits to this initiative, including:

We think you’ll love this community feature — not only because it’s nice to look at but because it’s good for the environment.

Visit our Creekside Sales Centre to learn more about our green initiatives, along with everything else that Creekside has to offer. We’re now selling Phase 5, with move-in dates in Spring 2021.