Make a Smooth Transition Back to Work

By now, after so many weeks, you’ve probably settled in to life working from home. It’s easy to roll from bed to shower to desk without any commute. Sweats and leggings are incredibly comfortable to work in – and nobody will see what you’re wearing from the waist down on a Zoom meeting. Sneaking in a load of laundry or walk with the dog in the middle of the day have their merits too. Home can be a great comfort during this time.

But, as British Columbia slowly opens its businesses again, you may be faced with another switch in your routine – going back to work in an office.

It’s time to reintroduce old habits, while keeping up new health and safety practices. As with any change, be patient with yourself and allow for a bit of an adjustment period. To help you with this change, we’ve listed a few things you can do as you approach life back in an office:

  • While still working from home, set your alarm to account for your commute, and allow your body to slowly re-acquaint itself with an earlier wake up.
  • Cut out those mini chores around the house between work tasks. Instead, do a five-minute stretch or breathing exercise.
  • “Pack” your lunch the night before, so you’re not spending your lunch hour figuring out what to pull out of your fridge.
  • Dress up again – even it’s only moving from sweats to jeans. Make sure your work clothes are clean and ready to be seen again.
  • Consider how you can make your office desk feel like a home desk. Can you add a plant, pictures, or other personal items to your space? The key is comfort.
  • Check in with your employer to see what health and safety measures will be in place and voice any concerns you may have.

Rest assured, everyone in your office is in this together and figuring out how to navigate the new normal.

At StreetSide, we’re going back to work as well. Our Sales Centres at Creekside, Canopy, and Orchard Park are re-opening on June 1, while FORTE reinstated its weekend hours on May 23. We are also still welcoming private appointments.

To ensure the health and safety of our visitors and staff, our Sales Centres’ doors will remain locked, and visitors will be welcomed in one group at a time to maintain proper physical distancing. If you prefer to visit from home, you can tour each Sales Centre virtually on the project’s website.

We thank you for your patience as we work together to keep each other safe.