Know the Feng Shui Basics for Your Home

Feng Shui has been around for a long time – thousands of years, to be somewhat specific. The ancient Chinese practice studies the links between a person and their natural and man-made environments, with the goal of harmonious living.

There is much to consider when designing or styling a home according to Feng Shui. Experts have dedicated their lives to understanding, teaching, and applying this philosophy in homes and other buildings around the world. Everything in your home has the potential to affect energy: light, materials, placement, colours, plants, and images.

Below you will find a few basics of Feng Shui, so you can live with peace and good fortune, enjoy more productivity, and improve the quality of your sleep. Who doesn’t want harmony in their space?

  • Clear your home of clutter. If you haven’t already, now is the perfect time to watch or read about Marie Kondo’s work.
  • Maintain great air and light quality by opening blinds and windows and nurturing plants indoors. Your health will thank you.
  • Balance your life by ensuring the five elements are represented – water, wood, fire, earth, and metal.
  • Understand the use of colours in Feng Shui, which are related to each of the above elements. For more peaceful sleeping, keep fire away from the bedroom. For stability and inner balance, add accents of earth.
  • Position mirrors where you want to increase good vibes, but don’t place them where they will reflect negative images like garbage cans.
  • Get to know the 8-point guide to Feng Shui, a map that shows you the meaning behind each corner of your home.
  • Water is related to wealth – incorporate a fountain or aquarium somewhere in your space or garden.
  • Keep your toilet seat lid down and bathroom door closed so your wealth is not flushed or drained away.

The above tips barely scratch the surface of Feng Shui. Read more at The Spruce. Soon your home will be flowing with positive energy, wellness, and tranquility.