With every new year comes an assortment of promises and goals and resolutions – many of them relate to personal achievements. We want to focus on steps you can take to make your home the best it can be this year.

Revisit your mortgage

Take a look at your budget for 2017 and determine whether you can make larger mortgage payments. Are there any items you can cut back on? Or perhaps it’s time to take on a hobby that will earn you a little extra income. You’ll feel great knowing you’re putting more into your home investment.

Be greener

Conserve energy by switching off lights when you aren’t in a room and turning off heating and air conditioning when you aren’t at home. Use energy-efficient light bulbs and all-natural cleaning supplies. Buy local groceries from farmers’ markets and grow your own herbs on a windowsill. There are lots of ways to contribute to a greener environment and experience cleaner living. Wellness Mama has some great natural cleaning tips and recipes.

Organize your belongings

Do you really need everything in your home? Clearing out items you don’t use or want will make you feel lighter. Go through your home room by room and closet by closet to systematically organize your possessions. Get rid of anything broken. Donate or sell items you’ve grown tired of. You may be surprised what you find. Take a look at these creative ways to de-clutter by Becoming Minimalist.

Cleaning schedule

Cleaning your home doesn’t have to be a chore. Create a schedule for yourself or with your family that outlines what should be done each week of the month and who will do what. You’ll never be embarrassed by a dirty bathroom when friends stop by unannounced. Here’s a fantastic checklist from Good Housekeeping.

Plan to entertain

Speaking of friends stopping by, plan to entertain at home this year. With all the above resolutions in place, you’ll be proud to share your space. Host game night, movie night, a BBQ, or book club. Foster your relationships and make memories. Here’s an easy check-list on how to flawlessly entertain from Epicurious.

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Happy New Year!

Image: Everly Green